MOESM1 of Development and validation of a standardized double-blind, placebo-controlled food challenge matrix for raw hazelnuts

Additional file 1: Table S1. Sensory test results of phase I and phase II with semi-trained panel and consumers panel. Table S2. Clinical parameters of the hazelnut allergic patients. Figure S1. Trend curves of the BAT-responses towards different hazelnut protein concentrations of patients A (measured twice, A1 and A2), B and C. EC50 = Half maximal effective concentration/ Dose = protein concentration: µg/mL (patient B) and ng/mL (patient C). Figure S2. LC-MS/MS results of the verum dilution series (Hazelnut peptide (R)INTVNSNTLPVLR(W) m/z 721.3 → 1013.7). Top: Standard curve of the verum dilution series. Down: Chromatographic peak of hazelnut peptide.