MOESM1 of Detection of two non-synonymous SNPs in SLC45A2 on BTA20 as candidate causal mutations for oculocutaneous albinism in Braunvieh cattle

Additional file 1: Fig. S1. Pedigree of the albino calves. As the red highlighted paths show, both albinos and all carriers of the SNPs g.39829806G>A and g.39864148C>T can be traced back to a single natural service sire (B1). Symbols are as follows: squares = males, circles = females, filled symbols = albinos (homozygous for both SNPs), symbols with dot inside = heterozygous individuals, symbols with question mark inside = genotype unknown, crossed out symbols = no material available. For bull S2, 50K genotype data was available from previous studies; however, no material for targeted genotyping was available.