MOESM1 of Constitutive hyperproduction of sorbicillinoids in Trichoderma reesei ZC121

Additional file 1: Fig. S1. Schematic illustration of the plasmid pXBthg-121121. hyg: homomycin resistance; LB, left border of binary vector; RB, right border of binary vector; Kan: kanamycin resistance; 121121-up: the 1500 bp upstream of gene 121121; 121121-down: the 1500 bp downstream of gene 121121. Fig. S2. The 1500-bp upstream and downstream regions of gene 121121. Fig. S3. The standard curve of sorbicillinoids. Fig. S4. The whole genome resequencing of strain ZC121 shows the unsuccessful deletion of gene 121121. Fig. S5. The color of the culture supernatant of T. reesei RUT-C30 (a) and ZC121 (b) grown on glucose. Fig. S6. Cellulolytic enzyme activities in the culture supernatant of T. reesei ZC121 and RUT-C30 grown on 2% cellulose, lactose, glucose, galactose and glycerol were assayed on day 5, including the activities of FPase (the filter paper activity) (a), pNPGase (the BGL activity) (b), pNPCase (the CBH activity) (c), CMCase (the CMC activity) (d) ahd pNPXase (the β-xylosidase activity) (e). The error bars indicate the standard deviations of three biological replicates. Table S1. Primers used in this study. Table S2. Comparative transcription levels of the sorbicillinoid gene cluster and its neighboring cellulase-related genes in T. reesei ZC121on cellulose and glucose.