MOESM1 of Conserved residues within the HIV-1 Vpu transmembrane-proximal hinge region modulate BST2 binding and antagonism

2017-03-14T05:00:00Z (GMT) by Sabelo Lukhele Éric Cohen
Additional file 1: Figure S1. Ability of Vpu mutants to mediate BST2 degradation. Shown is a representative Western blot indicating the steady state levels of BST2 in mock-infected HeLa cells (lane 1) as well as in Hela cells following infections with VSV-G-pseudotyped HIV-1 viruses encoding WT Vpu and the indicated Vpu mutants (lanes 2–7). Analysis of BST2 expression in BST2-depleted HeLa cells is also shown in lane 8. Below the blot is the extent of BST2 expression based on densitometric analyses of the intensities of BST2-related band signals obtained from each Vpu mutant, relative to dU (set at 100%).