MOESM1 of Complement lectin pathway protein levels reflect disease activity in juvenile idiopathic arthritis: a longitudinal study of the Nordic JIA cohort

Additional file 1: Table S1. Clinical characteristics of participants in the Nordic JIA cohort at baseline. y* = mean in years ±SD,** = active joint count at the visit 6 months after onset (− 1/+ 2 months), *** = cumulative joint count during the first 6 months (− 1/+ 2 months) after disease onset, ****DMARDs = Disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs at the baseline visit, ANA = antinuclear antibodies, HLA-B27 = human leucocyte antigen B27, CRP = C-Reactive Protein, ESR = Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, IQR = 1st-3rd interquartile range, JADAS71 = juvenile arthritis disease activity score of 71 joints, sJIA = systemic JIA, Oligo persist = oligo persistent JIA, Oligo ext. = oligo extended JIA, Poly RF- = polyarticular rheumatoid factor negative JIA, Poly RF+ = polyarticular rheumatoid factor positive JIA, ERA = enthesitis-related arthritis, Undiff = undifferentiated JIA. (DOCX 17 kb)