MOESM1 of Characterization of lignin derived from water-only and dilute acid flowthrough pretreatment of poplar wood at elevated temperatures

Additional file 1. Table S1. Major GC/MS detected aromatic compounds in hydrolysates. Table S2. Assignments of main lignin 1H-13C cross-peaks in the HSQC Spectra of the RISLs. Figure S1. Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) analysis of flowthrough lignin samples; Red: lignin obtained under 240 °C, residence time of 10 min, 0.05 % sulfuric acid and flow rate of 25 ml/min (Log R0 ~ 5.0); Blue: lignin obtained under 270 °C, residence time of 10 min, water-only and flow rate of 25 ml/min (Log R0 ~ 6.0). Figure S2. Assigned interunit linkages of lignin, including different side-chain linkages, and aromatic units: (A) β-O-4 aryl ether linkages; (B) resinol substructures (β-β´, α-O-γ´, and γ-O-α´ linkages); (C) phenylcoumaran substructures (β-5´ and α-O-4´ linkages); (D) spirodienone substructures (β-1´ and α-O-α´ linkages); (G) guaiacyl units; (G´) oxidized guaiacyl units with ketone at Cα; (S) syringyl units; (S´) oxidized syringyl units with a Cα ketone; (E) p-hydroxybenzoate substructures; (F) cinnamyl alcohol end groups; (K) cinnamaldehyde end groups.