MOESM1 of An evolutionary optimization of a rhodopsin-based phototrophic metabolism in Escherichia coli

Additional file 1: Figure S1. Distribution of cell size in the batch-cultured ET5 strain compared with the ancestral strain by flow cytometry. Table S1. List of all variations in the W3110 ancestral strain identified using NC_007779.1 as a reference. Figure S2. A 15.2-kb deletion identified as a zero-coverage region after mapping analysis. It might have been caused by a crossover between icd (Y75_p1106, 1251 bp) and icdC (pseudo; Y75_p1130, 153 bp). Sequence alignment showed that icdC is the C-term part of icd (93% nucleotide identities). The image was captured from the output screen of the CLC genomics workbench.