MOESM1 of Adaption of a dermal in vitro method to investigate the uptake of chemicals across amphibian skin

2016-04-05T05:00:00Z (GMT) by Katharina Kaufmann Peter Dohmen
Additional file 1. Percentages of the applied dose and kinetic parameters of dermal absorption in vitro experiments. Skin samples are listed according to treatment (test compound and storage); Xlf = Xenopus laevis, female; used animals are numbered consecutively (2–7); skin side is described as d = dorsal or v = ventral, first number describes area of skin side (1 = cranial, 2 = caudal) and second number describes if the sample stemmed from the left (= .1) or the right side (= .2) related to the top view of the animal; non-absorbed dose = first and second skin washings + donor chamber extraction, skin = amount recovered from the washed, digested skin; absorbed dose = in receptor medium at exposure end and extraction of receptor chamber; recovery represents the sum of non-absorbed dose, skin content and absorbed dose; maxAR = maximum absorption rate, maxKp = maximum permeability coefficient, calculated as described in Methods; nd = not determined.