MOESM1 of Activation of the alpha-globin gene expression correlates with dramatic upregulation of nearby non-globin genes and changes in local and large-scale chromatin spatial structure

Additional file 1: Figure S1. Analysis of the total rRNA-depleted RNA-seq data in the three studied cell types. (A) The Venn diagram showing the numbers of active genes shared between the studied cell types. (B) Cluster analysis of biological replicates based on total rRNA-depleted RNA-seq data. (C) Principal component analysis of the RNA-seq data. (D) Top-30 gene ontology terms for the genes downregulated (logFC < −0.6, FDR < 10−7) in differentiated HD3 cells compared to proliferating HD3 cells. The number of genes in each term is shown. (E) Scatter plots showing normalized level of transcription within intergenic regions genome-wide in the studied cell types.