MOESM1 of Activation of lignocellulosic biomass for higher sugar yields using aqueous ionic liquid at low severity process conditions

Additional file 1: Supporting Table S1: Detailed list of cell wall glycan-directed monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) used for glycome profiling analyses. The groupings of antibodies are based on a hierarchical clustering of ELISA data generated from a screen of all mAbs against a comprehensive panel of plant polysaccharide preparations that clusters mAbs according to the predominant polysaccharides that they recognize. The majority of listings link to the WallMabDB plant cell wall monoclonal antibody database ( ) that provides detailed descriptions of each mAb, including immunogen, antibody isotype, epitope structure (to the extent known), supplier information, and related literature citations. Figure S1. X-ray diffraction patterns and CrI (%) values of untreated Avicel, switchgrass solids and pretreated switch grass by [TBA][OH] at 50 °C pretreatment conditions. Figure S2. Normalized SEC chromatograms of EMAL- switchgrass and L1. Figure S3. HSQC spectra correspond to the color-coded substructures. Figure S4. Relative abundances in lignin interunit linkages in switchgrass EMAL and L1. Figure. S5. Optimized geometries of dilignol with IL complexes. (DOCX 697 kb).