MOESM1 of A novel strategy to enhance terpenoids production using cambial meristematic cells of Tripterygium wilfordii Hook. f.

Additional file 1: Figure S1. The isolation of cambium cell layer from xylem tissue of T. wilfordii. Figure S2. Transcriptome data of CMCs and DDCs from T. wilfordii. Figure S3. Amino acid sequence alignment between T. wilfordii cluster 96, cluster 95, cluster 71, cluster 04 and CMC marker genes. Figure S4. UPLC-QTOF-MS traces (total ion current) obtained with methanolic extracts of CMCs and DDCs. Figure S5. MS spectra of compound 1 from the [M + H]+ ion at m/z 361.11. Figure S6. MS spectra of compound 2 from the [M + H]+ ion at m/z 313.17. Figure S7. MS spectra of compound 3 from the [M + H]+ ion at m/z 451.28. Figure S8. Terpenoids production of T. wilfordii DDCs following induction of 50 μmol L−1 MJ. Figure S9. Effect of 50 μmol L−1-MJ on growth of T. wilfordii DDCs. Table S1. Length distribution of transcriptional data. Table S2. The primers used for qRT-PCR. Table S3. Related data of target compounds detected by UPLC/Q-TOF MS.