MOESM1 of A mitochondrial division inhibitor, Mdivi-1, inhibits mitochondrial fragmentation and attenuates kainic acid-induced hippocampal cell death

Additional file 1: Figure S1. A crystal violet-stained brain section (A) and the number of NeuN-positive cells in the CA3 region of CTL, KA, KA+M, and M mice (B). Figure S2. Morphological properties of mitochondria in the CA3 regions of CTL, KA, KA+M, and M mice; mitochondrial area and perimeter (A) and mitochondrial number/field and percentage of deformed mitochondria (B). Figure S3. Immunoflourescence images showing the GABA receptor ι-1 and p-Drp1 in the CA3 regions (A) and the percentage of p-Drp1 and GABA-positive cells (B). Figure S4. Mdivi-1 effects on mitochondrial OPA1, Mfn2, and CypD expression in the hippocampus 24h after KA injection.  Figure S5. Iba-1 expression levels (A) and the number of activated microglial cells (B) in the CA3 regions of CTL, KA, KA+M, and M mice.