MOESM1 of A fission yeast cell-based system for multidrug resistant HIV-1 proteases

Additional file 1: Figure S1. DRV and its derivatives suppress the M7PR but not the M10PR or M11PR over time. The chemical structures of protease inhibitors, DRV, UIC-94003, GRL-0489A, GRL-0249A, GRL-0159A and GRL-044-10A are shown in (Fig. 4A). All six compounds including DRV are P2 ligands [17]. Effects of the newly synthesized protease inhibitors on mdrPR-induced growth arrest were measured against the wtPR and mdrPRs by using a liquid growth assay and measured by OD650 over a time period from 16 to 72 h after the drug treatments and gene inductions. The final drug concentration of 200 µM was used in each of the experiments. DRV was used here as a positive control and no drug treatment was used as a negative control.