MOESM1 of A bionic system with Fenton reaction and bacteria as a model for bioprocessing lignocellulosic biomass

Additional file 1: Figure S1. The effects of pretreatment conditions on the enzymatic hydrolysis of the untreated (dashed line) and pretreated RS. The experimental groups were A: 0.04 M FeCl3/0.04 M FeCl2/3 M H2O2; B: 0.03 M FeCl3/0.03 M FeCl2/2.25 M H2O2; C: 0.02 M FeCl3/0.02 M FeCl2/1.5 M H2O2; D: 0.01 M FeCl3/0.01 M FeCl2/0.75 M H2O2.