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MOESM11 of Subtracting the sequence bias from partially digested MNase-seq data reveals a general contribution of TFIIS to nucleosome positioning

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posted on 07.12.2017 by Gabriel Gutiérrez, Gonzalo Millán-Zambrano, Daniel Medina, Antonio Jordán-Pla, José Pérez-Ortín, Xenia Peñate, Sebastián Chávez
Additional file 11. Occupancy-versus-fuzziness changes of the TATA-like gene bodies and + 1 nucleosomes. Heat maps of the difference between the mutant dst1∆ and the wt in fuzziness versus occupancy for the gene body nucleosomes of the TATA-like genes (A), and for the + 1 nucleosome (defined as that between the TSS and 200 bp downstream) of each gene (B).


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