MOESM11 of New insights into the heterogeneity of Th17 subsets contributing to HIV-1 persistence during antiretroviral therapy

Additional file 11. Poly-functional profiles of HIV-p24+ CCR6+ T-cell subsets of HIV-infected individuals receiving ART upon viral reactivation in vitro. HIV reservoir reactivation was performed as described in Suppl. Figure 6 legend. Briefly, at day 13, cells were stimulated with PMA/Ionomycin in the presence of Brefeldin A and intracellular staining was performed with cytokine (IFN-γ, IL-17A, IL-22, TNF-α) and HIV-p24 Abs. Shown are bar graph representations generated with SPICE software for all possible combinations of one (blue), two (green), three (orange), and four (yellow), or no (purple) cytokines produced by HIV-p24+ Th17, Th1Th17, CCR6+DN, CCR6+DP and Th1 subsets (n = 3 CI on ART subjects). In contrast to CI on ART 5 and 6, for donor CI on ART 07 HIV reactivation was observed only for CCR6+DN (red).