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MOESM11 of Development of a live attenuated trivalent porcine rotavirus A vaccine against disease caused by recent strains most prevalent in South Korea

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posted on 07.01.2019, 05:00 by Jun-Gyu Park, Mia Alfajaro, Eun-Hyo Cho, Ji-Yun Kim, Mahmoud Soliman, Yeong-Bin Baek, Chul-Ho Park, Ju-Hwan Lee, Kyu-Yeol Son, Kyoung-Oh Cho, Mun-Il Kang
Additional file 11. Comparison of full-length amino acid sequences of 11 genomic segments of 174-1V-80 (G8P[7]) vaccine strain with its different passages. The full-length amino acid sequences of the 11 genomic segments of the 80th-passage attenuated 174-1V-80 vaccine strain was compared with those of the 20th-, 40th-, and 60th-passage attenuated strains and the original virulent strain.


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