MOESM11 of Deep sequencing on genome-wide scale reveals the unique composition and expression patterns of microRNAs in developing pollen of Oryza sativa

2019-10-24T13:49:19Z (GMT) by Li Wei Long Yan Tai Wang
Additional file 11: Targets cleavage by miRNAs. (a) The predicted fold-back structures of miR56 and miR58. Mature miRNA is in red. (b) Cleavage pattern of targets by corresponding novel miRNAs. (c) Gel image showing 5' RACE reaction to detect the miRNA-directed cleavage. (d) Transient co-expression of miRNAs and their predicted targets in N. benthamiana leaves. As a positive known miRNA, the co-expression of osa-miR827a and its target LOC_Os04g11510 is also shown. (EPS 4 MB)