MOESM10 of Setdb1-mediated H3K9 methylation is enriched on the inactive X and plays a role in its epigenetic silencing

Additional file 10. DNA methylation is largely unaltered upon Setdb1 depletion outside of X-linked CpG islandseRRBS data from Setdb1 +/+ Xist ∆A/+ 129/CAST transduced with Nons (Female) or Setdb1 +/gt Xist ∆A/+ 129/CAST transduced with shSetdb1.6 (Setdb1 depleted) MEFs, showing mC for individual CpGs on the Xa and Xi in Female (n = 3) and Setdb1 depleted female samples (n = 2), for CpGs outside CGIs on the X chromosome (Student’s two-tailed t-test) as log2(mC/C) (a), within CGIs on autosomes (b), outside CGIs on autosomes (c) and within CGIs with greater than 20% mC on autosomes (d). Note that autosomal data used is not allele specific. Dotted line indicates median for Xi in Female.