MOESM10 of A pre-existing population of ZEB2+ quiescent cells with stemness and mesenchymal features dictate chemoresistance in colorectal cancer

Additional file 10: Figure S4. In vivo effects of ZEB2 overexpression in CCSCs. a Volume of xenografts derived from CCSCs transduced with pLenti-GFP (Vector, black line/triangles) or with pLenti-GFP-ZEB2 (ZEB2, red line/squares). Graph shows the mean ± SEM, 6 tumors/group. **P < 0.01 from two-tailed t test. b Left panels: representative confocal images of xenograft sections derived from tumors obtained with primary cells transduced with pLenti-GFP (Vector) and GFP-ZEB2 (ZEB2). Sections were stained with anti-Ki67 (red). Scale bar, 70 μm. Quantification (right panel) was performed on 5 fields /group. *P < 0.05 from two-tailed t test. AU, arbitrary units. c Cell cycle analysis of GFP+ cells FACS-isolated from Vector and ZEB2-transduced tumors obtained with primary cells. d qRT-PCR analysis of the indicated transcripts in Vector- and ZEB2-transduced tumors obtained with primary cells, n = 3. *P < 0.05 and **P < 0.01 from two-tailed t test. n.s. = not significant by t test. Values are the mean ± SD.