House 00 in ENERTALK dataset

Zip files enertalk-dataset-{house_number} contain a directory for each houses. Each directory holds a set of subdirectories that contain Parquet files for the daily aggregate and appliance-level data. The naming convention for these subdirectories is “
” (e.g. “20161124” for November 24, 2016). The Parquet files are named “\_.parquet.gzip” (e.g. “01\_fridge.parquet.gzip”). In these names, the two-digit integer is uniquely associated with a distinct measuring device in a house. Each Parquet file consists of three columns: “timestamp,” “active\_power,” and “reactive\_power.” The “timestamp” column contains Unix timestamps in milliseconds, such that 1000 corresponds to one second. The “active\_power” column represents active power in watts and the “reactive\_power” column represents reactive power in VAR (volt-ampere reactive) units.