Additional files 6: Figure S6. of Increased tauopathy drives microglia-mediated clearance of beta-amyloid

The combination of Aβ and Tau pathology leads to reductions in hippocampal β3-tubulin. (A-D) To determine whether T5x mice begin to exhibit early signs of neurodegeneration, dendritic architecture was examined by β3-tubulin immunolabeling of all four genotypes. (E-G) Quantification of β3-tubulin revealed a significant reduction in T5x mice compared to WT and transgenic littermates within the pyramidal cell layer (E; p < 0.05), stratum radiatum (F; p < 0.05), and molecular layer (G; WT, Tau p < 0.05; 5x p = 0.27) of the hippocampus. Data are represented as mean ± SEM of optical density (O.D.), n ≥ 8 mice/group. * Indicates p < 0.05 for both ANOVA and Fisher’s protected least-significant difference (PLSD) post hoc tests with significance versus all other groups, whereas *over a bar indicates significance between 2 or 3 particular groups. Scale Bar = 100 μm in A-D, 30 μm in H-J, and 10 μm in K. (PDF 3896 kb)