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Additional file 9: of Whole genome sequencing reveals the emergence of a Pseudomonas aeruginosa shared strain sub-lineage among patients treated within a single cystic fibrosis centre

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posted on 30.08.2018, 05:00 by Bryan Wee, Anna Tai, Laura Sherrard, Nouri Ben Zakour, Kirt Hanks, Timothy Kidd, Kay Ramsay, Iain Lamont, David Whiley, Scott Bell, Scott Beatson
Table S5. Table of variants (SNPs and indels) that vary across 37 M3L7 genomes and 1 M3L1 (AUS970) genome. Table generated with nesoni nway. Only positions with a consensus determined for all strains (−-require-all yes) are shown. Only substitution SNPs were used to build phylogeny. (XLSX 1466 kb)


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