Additional file 9: of Root mediated uptake of Salmonella is different from phyto-pathogen and associated with the colonization of edible organs

Figure S9. Standardization and verification of time for vortexing procedure for separation of rhizoplanic bacteria. (A) Schematic showing the verification of the process of separation of rhizoplanic population. (B) Minimum time required for vortexing (‘X’) the root to isolate the surface adhering population from the rhizoplane. The CFU and the dilution factor are shown for stage 2 (C) Cross examination of the vortexed root (after 20 min). The roots were placed in fresh PBS again and vortexed for 5 more min and the suspension was plated. The CFU values at 0th dilution and colonies on plate are shown in table. Plates with colonies between 30 to 300 were counted. (D) Error in the process was calculated by [CFU at stage 2 (at 0th dilution)/(CFU at stage 1+ stage 2)} expressed in percentage. Note that X = 20 min was taken for all organisms. (TIF 459 kb)