Additional file 9: of Purification of nanogram-range immunoprecipitated DNA in ChIP-seq application

ChIP-seq data generated with different purification reagents are highly correlated with the corresponding ENCODE datasets. Scatter plots showing the correlation between the ENCODE reference ChIP-seq data (ENB and ENw) and the corresponding datasets obtained either with standard protocol for the lab (St) or by using different purification reagents as identified in Fig. 1. The genome was divided into 5 kb bins for H3K4me3 and 100 kb bins for H3K27me3, and the number of mapped reads in the individual bins was calculated. r, Pearson correlation coefficient. P value in all correlation analysis was 0.001. A and B panels show H3K4me3 and H3K27me3 ChIP-seq data, respectively. (PDF 248 kb)