Additional file 9: of Discrimination of candidate subgenome-specific loci by linkage map construction with an S1 population of octoploid strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa)

Number of haploSNPs on the linkage groups of the ‘Reikou’ map. The green, gray, yellow, and blue bars indicate the number of haploSNP types categorized as Y-N (F. vesca matched but not F. iinumae), Y-Y (both F. vesca and F. iinumae matched), N-Y (F. vesca not matched but F. iinumae matched), and N-N (neither F. vesca nor F. iinumae matched), respectively. Numbers of haploSNPs were counted separately for fragmentized LGs of HG6, LG6A-1 and LG6A-2. (TIFF 2389 kb)