Additional file 9: of Differential cytotoxicity induced by the Titanium(IV)Salan complex Tc52 in G2-phase independent of DNA damage

Analysis of p38 kinase and caspase activation by Tc53 in HeLa and VH7 cells. Cells were exposed to 10 μM Tc53 or solvent for 30 h and subsequently lysed in Laemmli buffer. Western blot analysis was performed as described for Figs. 6 and 7. There is no evidence for activation of p38 in. HeLa or VH7 cells (A) or cleavage of caspase7 (B). Significance was tested using two-tailed T-test. Panel (C) depicts the respective western blot for cleaved caspase7 (cleaved Casp7), GAPDH, total p38 stresskinase (p38), phosphorylated p38 (p-p38) and αtubulin (Tubulin). +: positive control, C: solvent control samples, T: 10 μM Tc53 treated samples. Numbers indicate respective independent experiments. (PDF 1085 kb)