Additional file 9: of Bimodal dynamics of primary metabolism-related responses in tolerant potato-Potato virus Y interaction

Gene expression levels for genes corresponding to proteins listed in Fig.  5. The table represents expression values of genes, corresponding to proteins listed in Fig. 5. Data for cv. Désirée (NT) and NahG-Désirée (NahG) plants are shown. Potato genome sequencing consortium (PGSC) protein identifiers [80] and ITAG potato annotations were linked to Potato Oligo Chip Initiative (POCI) identifiers [64] for comparisons between protein and gene expression obtained with microarrays. As different POCI sequences can represent the same gene, allelic variants or closely related gene family multiple hits were often retrieved for single proteins in this database. Protein expression is thus linked to multiple results of microarray analysis. On the other hand it is also possible that some of the proteins no corresponding microarray probe have been identified. (XLSX 17 kb)