Additional file 9: Figure S5. of A proteomic analysis of LRRK2 binding partners reveals interactions with multiple signaling components of the WNT/PCP pathway

Panel of endosomal markers and their relation to LRRK2/PRICKLE1/DVL2 puncta. LRRK2 partialy co-localizes with RAB5A (A), and weakly with RAB11, a marker of recycling endosomes (B). Arrows point at the co-localization. LRRK2 does not co-localize with a marker of late endosomes, RAB7 (arrowheads) (C). RAB7 strongly co-localizes with PRICKLE1 (D). PRICKLE1 and DVL2 co-localize with RAB7 (arrows), nevertheless a part of PRICKLE1 is localized outside of the RAB7 positive endosomes (arrowheads) (E). Nuclear staining by Dapi in blue. N ≥ 3. Scale bars show 10 μm. (EPS 94808 kb)