Additional file 8: of Systematic drug screening reveals specific vulnerabilities and co-resistance patterns in endocrine-resistant breast cancer

Copy number alterations and point mutations are scattered throughout the genomes of the tamoxifen-resistant cells. (A) Relative copy number of each resistant cell line measured by exome-sequencing and plotted as log2 ratio of resistant vs parental cell line (colored dots). Copy number gains/amplifications and losses/deletions are visible as peaks and valleys in the red segmentation line, respectively. Chromosomes are numbered and highlighted in alternating colors. High confidence point mutations (p < 0,05 and resistant/parental frequency >30 %) are depicted above the segmentation line. (B) Venn diagrams show overlap of point mutations (black) and genes altered by CNVs (red) between the tamoxifen-resistant clones derived from same parental cells. (PDF 735 kb)