Additional file 8: of Macrophages derived exosomes deliver miR-223 to epithelial ovarian cancer cells to elicit a chemoresistant phenotype

Figure S6. (A) Representative images of low (left) or high (right) HIF-1a expression in EOC samples by immunohistochemical staining. (magnification, × 200). (B-C) Intertumoral level of miR-223 (B), and CD163+ cell infiltration (C) (representative of TAMs infiltration) were measured with high and low HIF-1a expression in 28 primary EOC tissues. (D) Representative images of CD81, CD63, and CD9 in serum and its derived exosomes from an EOC patient. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01 (TIF 1007 kb)