Additional file 8: of Inhibition of mitochondrial respiration prevents BRAF-mutant melanoma brain metastasis

Figure S7. a Functional classification of the brain metastasis gene signature. Human biological processes (metabolic processes are highlighted in red), and b signaling pathways associated with the 108-gene brain metastasis signature using the Protein Analysis Through Evolutionary Relationships (PANTHER) classification system. c Known and predicted protein interactions of β-sitosterol from the Search Tool for Interactions of Chemicals (STITCH 4.0). Green lines represent direct interactions with β-sitosterol whereas blue lines represent protein-protein interactions. Direct activation (green arrows) or inhibition (red lines) is indicated. d Significant statistical associations of β-sitosterol targets with cellular processes predicted with the Human Experimental/Functional Mapper (HEFalMp). P-values represent approximate multiple hypothesis corrected values. (TIF 1333 kb)