Additional file 8: of Identification of a neuronal population in the telencephalon essential for fear conditioning in zebrafish

Figure S4. GFP expression patterns in SAGFF120A;UAS:GFP and SAGFF120A;UAS:GFP;UAS:zBoTxBLC:GFP fish. a Dorsal views of the brains from eight SAGFF120A;UAS:GFP (~10 months old) fish and eight SAGFF120A;UAS:GFP;UAS:zBoTxBLC:GFP (~10 months old) fish are shown. Scale bars: 1 mm. b Areas having more intensity than background (the maximum intensity measured in the posterior part of the telencephalon) were identified by using ImageJ [57] and shown in red. Scale bars: 500 Îźm. c Immunohistochemistry using anti-GFP (green) and anti-NeuN (a neuronal marker, magenta) of coronal sections of the telencephalon and hypothalamus of brain samples from these transgenic fish. The fish numbers correspond to the numbers of the dorsal view images. Scale bars, 200 Îźm. (PPTX 6544 kb)