Additional file 8: of Identification and mapping of expressed genes associated with the 2DL QTL for fusarium head blight resistance in the wheat line Wuhan 1

Expression profiles for eight candidate genes in 85 DH lines of the mapping population derived from Wuhan 1/Nyubai. Expression profiles were obtained by RT-qPCR on RNA from whole heads infected by F. graminearum and sampled at 2 dai. TaWRKY70, TaACT and NPR1-like were identified in [33, 48]. When known, presence (+) or absence (−) of the 2DL QTL for FHB resistance is indicated for each NIL and the 2 parents in a column to the right of the graphs, based on the presence of the Wuhan 1 or Nyubai allele for gwm539. (XLS 617 kb)