Additional file 8: of Chronic adiponectin deficiency leads to Alzheimer’s disease-like cognitive impairments and pathologies through AMPK inactivation and cerebral insulin resistance in aged mice

APN enhances insulin sensitivity in neuronal cells with insulin resistance. SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cell pretreated with high concentration insulin (1 μmol/L) for 48 h to induce insulin resistance (SH-SY5YIR). Western blotting of pAMPK, pAkt and pGSK3βS9 levels of the SH-SY5YIR cells that treated with 10 nmol/L insulin, 10 μg/mL APNTri & 10 nmol/L insulin with/without compound C (2 μM) for 24 h. (JPG 46 kb)