Additional file 8 of Chlamydia pan-genomic analysis reveals balance between host adaptation and selective pressure to genome reduction

The number of new genes added to the pan-genome upon addition of new strains of Chlamydia spp. The number of new genes is plotted as a function of the number (n) of strains sequentially added (see the model in [94]). For each n, points are the values obtained for different strain combinations; red symbols are the averages of these values. The superimposed line is the best fit with a decaying power law y=A·nξ. The pan-genome is considered open for ξ>−1 and converges to a constant for ξ<−1. (A) Full pan-genome, N(n)=173·n−0.92, (B) only OGs present in at least two genomes, N(n)=193·n−1.05. (CSV 7334 kb)