Additional file 8: of Analysis of MAPK and MAPKK gene families in wheat and related Triticeae species

Alignment and domain analysis of Triticeae MKKs. The amino acid sequences from multiple genomic copies, along with the accessions reported in Additional file 3, of all Triticeae MKKs identified were aligned in Clustal Omega ( under default settings. A lower case ‘p’ next to the gene name indicates that only a partial sequence was identified for the given gene. The protein kinase domain is in black font, and the N- and C-terminal extensions in teal font. Missing sequence information, namely ‘X’ residues, are shown in pink font. Highlighted sequences are the ATP binding signature (blue) which carries the P-loop consensus sequence (GxGxxG), the catalytic C-loop (red) with the DΨK consensus (where Ψ refers to the aliphatic amino acids L/I/V, but not M), the activation T-loop (black), NTF2 domain (pink). Sequence deviations from the S/TxxxxxS/T activation loop of plant MKKs are marked in yellow font. Other deviations from consensus are highlighted in yellow. An asterix indicates a stop codon. (PDF 173 kb)