Additional file 8: of A sophisticated, differentiated Golgi in the ancestor of eukaryotes

Figure S5. Amino acid sequence alignments illustrating conservation of functional motifs of golgins (visualized using Boxshade). (A) C-terminal regions of selected GM130 and golgin-45 orthologues. (B) Segment of GRASP55 and GRASP65, and pre-duplicate GRASP alignment containing the position corresponding to Met164 of human GRASP65. (C) N-terminal region of identified GMAP210 orthologues showing loss of the N-terminal vesicle recognition motif in non-holozoan sequences, and loss of the ALPS domain in non-vertebrate sequences. (D) Conserved GRAB domain of GMAP210 orthologues from diverse eukaryotes including plants and metazoans. (E) Alignment of golgin-84 and CASP transmembrane domain sequences, which contain conserved residues. (F) N-terminal region of identified golgin-84 orthologues, showing comparable tryptophan-containing motifs in diverse eukaryotes. (G) Conserved Rab6-binding domain of TMF orthologues from eukaryotes including Naegleria gruberi. (PDF 212 kb)