Additional file 8 of A pipeline for targeted metagenomics of environmental bacteria

Additional file 8: Figure S8. Genomic quality estimation of Gramella forsetii and Maribacter forsetii sequencing products after MDA of 100 and 500 sorted cells using Quast. Shown are from left to right: the number of contigs longer than 1000 bp, the total assembly lengths, N50, number of misassemblies and number of mismatches per 100 kpb. Unhybridized samples were unfixed and were not subjected to HCR-FISH, but only sorted based on their DAPI signal. Maribacter forsetii unhybridized controls were taken from a cell aliquot and have not been filtered and washed off a filter like the other controls, including the Gramella forsetii unhybridized control. Significance thresholds (p-values) of pairwise t-tests are * < 0.05, ** < 0.01, *** < 0.001.