Additional file 8: Figures S4A-S4U. of Identification and annotation of conserved promoters and macrophage-expressed genes in the pig genome

Heatmaps of pig RNA-Seq coverage across FANTOM5 human promoters mapped to the pig genome. Heatmaps showing the RNA-Seq coverage across successive 100 bp genomic windows spanning 5 Kb upstream and 20 Kb downstream of each mapped FANTOM5 human promoter (midpoint of the mapped region taken as reference). FANTOM5 promoter IDs are stacked on the y-axis (labels not displayed). The x-axis corresponds to the successive 100 bp genomic windows, with the window numbered 52 corresponding to the promoter midpoint region. Only those promoters with a minimum of 11 reads across the first 100 windows (covering the midpoint location) were included (i.e. 114,130 promoters). Figures S3A to S3U correspond to heatmaps for the porcine chromosomes: 1–18, X, Y and MT respectively. (ZIP 78361 kb)