Additional file 8: Figure S5. of Sjögren’s syndrome-associated microRNAs in CD14+ monocytes unveils targeted TGFβ signaling

Analysis of association of age with miRNA expression level indicates no significant differences between HC, SjS, SLE, and RA groups. Based on linear regression analyses, the differences between slopes were not significant among HC, SjS, SLE, and RA groups for miR-34b-3p (P = 0.1974), miR-4701-5p (P = 0.3065), miR-609 (P = 0.511), miR-300 (P = 0.1904), miR-3162-3p (P = 0.4748), and miR-877-3p (0.9712). In addition, although HCs tended to be younger than autoimmune patients on average, they are within the age range of autoimmune patients. (PDF 68 kb)