Additional file 8: Figure S3. of Evolution of East Asia’s Arcto-Tertiary relict Euptelea (Eupteleaceae) shaped by Late Neogene vicariance and Quaternary climate change

Bayesian Skyline Plots (BSPs) inferred from cpDNA (psbA–trnH, rpoB–trnC, rpL16, petN–trnC, matK, rbcL) sequences, and depicting changes of effective population size (N e; y–axis) through time [in million of years ago (Ma); x–axis] in: (a) E. pleiosperma; (b) E. polyandra; and (c) the J1 and (d) the J2 phylogroups of the latter species. The black solid line is the median estimate, and the gray dashed line marks the 95 % highest probability density (HPD) intervals. (PDF 475 kb)