Additional file 8: Figure S2. of Cholesterol biosynthesis pathway as a novel mechanism of resistance to estrogen deprivation in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer

A. Kaplan-Meier plots revealing the influence of high or low expression of MSMO1, LBR, SQLE and EBP in relapse-free survival of 496 ER- BC patients treated with chemotherapy, from publicly available data collected over 10 years. B. wt-MCF7, MCF7 LTED and ZR75.1 LTED were treated with siRNA targeting siMSMO1, siLBR, siSQLE and siEBP. Wt-MCF7 were treated with or without E2. Change in proliferation was expressed as fold change relative to sicontrol. Bars represent Âą SEM from eight replicates. The assessment was carried out in two independent experiments.