Additional file 7: of miR-519a enhances chemosensitivity and promotes autophagy in glioblastoma by targeting STAT3/Bcl2 signaling pathway

Figure S5. Cellular viability assay for TMZ-sensitive and -resistant cells. a U87-MG/TMZ and U87-MG cells were cultured in normal medium, with low glucose (LG), or in the presence of chloroquine (CQ). b The cell viability of U87-MG/TMZ and U87-MG treated with different concentrations of rapamycin for 72 h. The cell viability for a and b was evaluated by MTT assays. Data represent the mean (± standard deviation) of three independent experiments. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01, NS > 0.05 vs. control group. (TIF 816 kb)