Additional file 7: of The neuropeptide genes SST, TAC1, HCRT, NPY, and GAL are powerful epigenetic biomarkers in head and neck cancer: a site-specific analysis

Figure S5. Kaplan-Meier survival curves for the 56 patients with oropharyngeal cancer, according to the methylation status of the five target genes. Disease-free survival for (a) SST, (b) TAC1, (c) HCRT, (d) NPY, and (e) GAL in the case of methylated (red lines) and unmethylated (blue lines) genes. (f) Joint analysis of the 5 genes. Blue line: patients with 0–2 methylated genes; red line: patients with 3–5 methylated genes. A probability of < 0.05 (*P < 0.05) was considered to represent a statistically significant difference. (EPS 1460 kb)