Additional file 7: of Regulatory and sequence evolution in response to selection for improved associative learning ability in Nasonia vitripennis

Figure S3. Principal Components Analysis (PCA) of transcriptome-wide expression reveals pervasive line-specific effects of selection on transcriptional variation. The first (two) letter(s) of each line name reflect selection regime (HL = selection, C = control) and the last letter the replicate (A to D). PC 1 (accounting for 23% of variation), separates line pairs A and B from C and D irrespective of selection, while PC 2, 3, 4, and 5 (accounting for 17, 13, 12, and 12% of variation, respectively) capture the effect of selective regime for some line pairs, but not others. PC 6, accounting for 12% of variation, captures the consistent effect of selection across all four line pairs. Correlations between PC 6 and expression of individual transcripts were used to identify transcripts whose expression evolved consistently in response to selection for increased learning ability (see Methods, Fig. 1 and Additional files 5, 7 and 8). (PDF 5 kb)