Additional file 7: of PERK induces resistance to cell death elicited by endoplasmic reticulum stress and chemotherapy

MRP1 expression on cell surface of sensitive and resistant colon cancer cells upon PERK/Nrf2 inhibition. a, b. Representative flow cytometry histograms of MRP1 protein in human chemoresistant colon cancer HT29/MDR cells and ER stress-resistant clones (HT29/Tg, HT29/Tun, HT29/Bfa), stably and inducibly transduced with a silencing vector for PERK, or treated with PD98059 (10 μM, 72 h), which blocks Nrf2 nuclear translocation. HT29 were included as control of chemosensitive/ER stress-sensitive cells. Grey peaks: non immune isotypic antibody. (TIF 1205 kb)