Additional file 7: of Immunohistochemical phenotyping of T cells, granulocytes, and phagocytes in the muscle of cancer patients: association with radiologically defined muscle mass and gene expression

Figure S2. Immunostaining of serial cross-sections of muscle tissue: CD11b+CD14+CD15+ cells (A) and laminin-dystrophin (B). Stained nuclei in blue. A.1 Original image with no brightness manipulation. A.2 and A.3 Brightness was increased to visually appreciate the location of the CD11b+CD14+CD15+ cell (arrow) on the endomysial area. B. Serial cross-section used to confirm the location of immune cells on the periphery of muscle fibers (endomysium). Asterisks mark muscle fibers used as a reference point, and immune cell location is pointed by the white arrow. Scale bar 11 μm. (DOCX 1549 kb)