Additional file 7 of Horizontal transfer and proliferation of Tsu4 in Saccharomyces paradoxus

2018-06-12T05:00:00Z (GMT) by Casey M. Bergman
Dot-plot of the Chinese lager strain Saccharomyces sp. M14vs. a pan-genome of S. eubayanus and S. cerevisiae genomes. Dot-plot of Saccharomyces sp. M14 scaffolds aligned to a pan-genome composed of scaffolds from S. eubayanus FM1318 (Genbank: GCF_001298625.1) and chromosomes from S. cerevisiae S288c (from [13]), showing that Saccharomyces sp. M14 contains subgenomes from both species and that this strain may be a previously-unidentified strain of the lager brewing species S. pastorianus. The dot-plot was generated using nucmer (default parameters) and mummerplot (options: --size large -fat --color -f --png) in mummer 3.23 [45]. (PDF 58.8 kb)