Additional file 7: of Genetic toxicity assessment of engineered nanoparticles using a 3D in vitro skin model (EpiDerm™)

Tabulated dose-response data used in the creation of Fig. 6: Human B lymphoblastoid cells (TK6) were exposed to the 16 nm-SiO2 or 85 nm-SiO2 for 24 h in absence of cyt B via the 3D topical (3D-T), 3D in-medium (3D-M) or 2D in-medium (2D) exposure routes. Genotoxicity (micronucleus frequency) was assessed until cell viability decreased below 50 %. Equivalent 2D / 3D doses were established by total mass dose normalisation according to the total number of cells in each system at time of inoculation (see Methods). Alternative dose metrics including the 3D equivalent total mass doses with area (topical exposures) unit components are provided in Table 2. (CSV 4 kb)